Our leadership team consists of the brightest minds from Queen's University, from all faculties and years.

Below you can see our team and click to connect with them.

Managing Directors

Rabab Azeem

Managing Director, Design

Olivia Xu

Managing Director, Development

Marcelo Chaman Mallqui

Managing Director, Operations


Bartek Kowalski

Director of AI Research

Max Kang

Director of Disruptive Technology

Leo Sandler

Director of AI Ethics

Sandindie Silva

Director of Design, Healthcare

Hunter Hoogendijk

Director of Design, Finance

Khoa Nguyen

Director of Design, Computer Vision

Mercy Doan

Director of Design, NLP

Rodrigo Del Aguila

Director of Design, RL


Aren Jo

Director of Marketing

Rowan McDonald

Director of Finance

Kevin Yu

Director of Web Development

Jenn Yang

Executive Director of InQUbate

Sunghoon Kim

Executive Director of InQUbate


Daniel Wang

Director of External Relations

Sara Laker

Director of Internal Affairs

Sam Lin

Director of QMIND Tech Review